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The Loopy Walk No.1

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Surya: Well, it looks quite pretty for a suburbian…
Alexey: …dump.

And yes, it did start by being quite pretty and green and flowery with a beautiful St. Mary the Virgin church, just off the main street of Bexley. And then it quickly became, well, interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘post apocalyptic’ but you get the picture.

Most of the walk went near a massive landfill, one side filled with rather picturesque grayish water and vast expanses of land, the other is a mix of metal, used, misused or disused machines, horses, plastic bags, fields, a rotveiler and a mini rotveiler (it looked like it was mixed with a cockapoo), more metal, containers that looked like they were opened with a tin opener, timber and, yes, loads of fences of all shapes and sorts.

Fences are another matter – it’s quite easy to take them for granted, as a part of the landscape, standing there and separating something from something. They can look especially dodgy near some industrial estates or in the back streets of half forgotten suburbia – barbwire, rusty meshes, wood planks, rough concrete poles… But still, someone worked on them, someone put them up there and must’ve felt quite proud of what they’d done. Odd.

Sun popping in and out made the landscapes even eerier. Eventually, the grayish water starts dominating the landscape and turned into something like Margate in wrong weather. Yes, we did the walk backwards, means started in Old Bexley and finished at Erith.

And, yes, London Loop is great. It usually is a mix of urban, country and post apocalyptic sights and all that is within the M25. High heels wouldn’t work though.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

5 April 2011 at 11:15

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