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Tour of the Realm – Day 1: Look Mum No Hands!

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So here comes our first adventure together as a part of something bigger… a group. Well, surely, we all met before and most of us rode together but for me it is the first proper group event.

Half of us (those who skipped work on this glorious sunny day) set off early afternoon enjoying the scenic roads and the rest… well, the working lot had to enjoy the motorway to be able to get to Cardiff for dinner.
Hare and the tortoise. Right, Olivier. I was way too slow for Olivier and Jon – they are the rugged and experienced lot – weaving in and out of traffic, never mind the London stuffiness and not-so-speedy motorway at the start.

Whereas… I do have my wardrobe stuck on the sides (and it is the first time I ride with those) which makes the bike slightly fatter and didn’t feel like filtering much at all… [edit: Stephen says that, actually, the panniers don’t make the bike fatter, it’s just a matter of perception. I trust you, Stephen, looking forward to my first squeeze between cars] Which meant I could only watch they backs disappearing in the haze and traffic of the evening road. And, yes, we did catch up at some point (well, they stopped) but then they were gone again.

For those minutes while I was still trying to keep up I was trying to learn why. Fudge the 70 mile limit and the uncertainties of taking over on the left. The road is the playground – one uses it to ones advantage. See the gap – move into it. Watch out for opportunities: traffic morphs into different shapes, some of which allow you to progress, some are just false alarms but then, hey, there’s so much that only depends on one’s confidence.

And guess what. And I don’t mean to gloat, guys, but I did arrive earlier than you and I have to document that for posterity. Hare and tortoise. The pee and a ciggy break changed the dynamics and no one knows how but I did manage to get to Chris and Martin’s first.

The rest is history. The evening is spent in great company, with Welsh beer and meatballs.
Good start. Bring on the Day 2.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

29 April 2011 at 00:19

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  1. Hi Alex and friends,

    Have a great Tour and ride safely.

    cheers, John


    29 April 2011 at 04:18

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