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Lille to Liege

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Claire’s gift was a tea pot. A beautiful one, polished metal, silver-plated, the one where you want to wipe off your finger prints after each time you touch it. It gets black if not used. Wooden handle. Curvy, fat, exquisite shape. Claire got it from her mum. Shared times. We talked a lot about everything. Arty and thoughtful. I’d love to see Claire again, which might happen anywhere in the world. A coffee in front of a cathedral and some bread from Paul’s in the morning.

Rest of the bread I ate in Namur, with some sprite and water. I didn’t have a clue where I crossed the border, I only noticed the architecture changed gradually. It’s just so hot – the thermometer was showing 30C earlier and it was easily believable.

The hulk of Strepy-Thieu An extreme piece of architecture, almost sublime. I wonder what it will look like in a couple of hundred years? I couldn’t grasp at first what the hell was coming at me from behind the old fashioned roofs of a tiny village. Until I got closer. It’s hard to comprehend the scale of the thing until you see people at the entrance. It’s just immense.

Here I came across an amusing discovery: if the road slopes to the left at more than a certain angle and the bike is leaned too much while parked on the side stand… Full laden, it’s almost impossible to bring it upright with my puny legs. Mental note: don’t park in such places…

My first stop in Liege was McDonalds. They were irresistible after a day of riding – they provided a drink, an ice-cream and some wi-fi. I call Myriam and she lived just around the corner, although it does take me a couple of circles in roundabouts to find the right street. The first thing that greets me in her flat (after Myriam of course) is a massive self-portrait stretched on the wall directly opposite the front door. She smiles: ‘Yes, it’s a bit narcissistic’. I like her straight away – a wonderful character, even if slightly tired after the previous night’s Fiesta in Brussels. She does have a dream flat – open, spacious and with one room converted into a photo studio. That’s where my bed is.
Belgians really do perfect chips. And beer. And boulettes. Liege is smelly on the outside and noisy on the inside but pleasant overall – the historic centre is rather friendly.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

9 May 2011 at 09:38

5 Responses

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  1. You described Liege very well, Alexey. If I had known you were stopping there, I would have put you in contact with friends over there.

    Olivier Wery

    9 May 2011 at 09:49

    • I wish I knew, Olivier! ūüôā I’d like to go back there at some point – maybe a run one day?

      Alexey Moskvin

      12 May 2011 at 07:59

  2. as it is my home town….

    Olivier Wery

    9 May 2011 at 09:50

  3. Alexey:

    Keep it up! I want to read more. I am proud of you.


    david Dale

    9 May 2011 at 13:15

  4. I think there might be a problem here

    david Dale

    9 May 2011 at 13:16

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