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Celle to Rostock

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Today I reached the sea. I didn’t stop to go to the beach but I knew it was there. The air is much fresher and it’s not as hot anymore.

I know why Germans plant so many beautiful trees alongside all roads… To hide speed cameras! I think I collected a couple, now it worries me as I’m not sure if it will flag up somewhere… Oh well, not much I can do now, so will deal with that there and then.

Wilfried’s gift was a glass bottle, painted on the inside in some japanese motives. The bottle is from China though, brought to him by a friend of his. He was very happy with the lucky shells and the piece of torqouise. Red top, elongated shape, slightly yellow.

I buy my lunch in town and set off for Rostock. Where I stop to eat it I’m almost eaten myself by mosquitoes. I am really tired for some reason, not even music play is playing in my head, I talk to myself to keep alert, if not awake. Plenty of long and straight roads, I am properly bored now. Speeding up a little bit and… voila! a speed camera stares right at me, a split second before I get a yellow flash in my face. It’s in between trees and painted in a way that you don’t notice it until you’re right in front of it. Plenty of lorries to overtake and before I get adjusted between 80 and 60 speed limit I get another one… We’ll see, I hope it’s not going to blow my budget. Even if they do chase me, hopefully, it’s only going to be after I’m back.

It’s amazing how different east and west parts of Germany are. The architecture, the people, the landscape – everything changes dramatically. Lysann rightly says it is still to do with communist times – west is more commercial, east is more communal. People live more together. Even if it might look quite industrial, there is something arty in the air, I never felt that in Frankfurt, for example.

The harbour is full of people playing some odd game with throwing planks of wood. Cyclists are everywhere. Small circus is parked there too, with people sitting outside, drinking and banging drums. I meet Martin, Lysann’s flatmate, very quickly we established that I don’t speak German and he easily switches to English. Sympathetic about speed cameras. Later, I find a note and a bottle of mate drink in my helmet, to keep me awake. And sure as hell it did, thanks Martin!

I wait for Lysann in the flat, she’s terribly sweet, drama student, inspiring and inspired, we talk… She complains about her English, unnecessarily so, we manage to have a proper conversation just fine. We sleep in the same room.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

14 May 2011 at 09:11

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  1. I suppose you realise that the railway waggons are from the German Reich which would suggest WW II era and all that it entails.

    I suspect the trip gets morte interesting the further you venture into territory that most of us have never been to.


    14 May 2011 at 18:02

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