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Rostock to Kolobrzeg

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Lysann’s gift is her red nose, made out of a tennis ball. And yes, it is red with ‘Lysann’ scribbled inside. She rushes off to her uni, I pack and leave and we both feel that we didn’t have enough time to get to know each other better.

Plenty of wind farms along the way. I stop at some resort town to run to the sea and plunge my hands into it. It’s too cold to swim yet. I never knew that the water is, what they call it, half salty – you can taste the salt a little bit but it’s nowhere near as salty as the Atlantic or Mediterranean.

I have to press on, as I have about 220 miles to go and get to the hotel before 5pm. Shaving minutes off the arrival time when I can and no time to stop for lunch. I cross the Polish border, the roads immediately turn for the worse. Everything is patched up. Badly. Erm… Very badly. Small villages are passing by and I can almost imagine I’m in Russia.

A small ferry to cross the Swina. The ferry guy indicates that I should squeeze in just before the staircase, to give my place to the car behind, do you think I’m a bloody scooter? I move, reluctantly, but move back out again when I see a spot between cars.

Kolobrzed starts with roads works everywhere with cars going on pavements trying to pass through. Gravel is everywhere. The whole family of the villa owners greet me with a mix of russian, english and polish – they are great. She’s funny and homely and reminds me of a friend’s mum. The villa is right next to a park, which is, in fact, some fenced over military area, with guards and all. They look terribly self important, protecting whatever there is inside… But to me it looked just like a bunch of falling apart buildings, in a middle of a forest.

Nevertheless, the keep out signs are everywhere. Luckily, there is an access to the sea. The beach is dotted with bits of concrete, it looks like the shore shrank back and exposed bits of the military area, whatever those were used for. Now the sea and sand is claiming some of it unravelling some interesting structures along the coast.

I can’t recall a beach in Europe that would be that exciting. Look at those metal hoops, for example. Isn’t it fascinating to think about what they might be connected to? Reminds me of Lost series or that Tommyknockers book.
The sand makes a squeaky noise when you kick it. Another nice sunset.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

15 May 2011 at 00:15

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