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Kolobrzeg to Gdansk

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Breakfast… apart from cheese and yoghurt almost everything is with fish. A beetroot and herring salad – I’m definitely feeling closer to my homeland. Tapping my fingers on the table to some polish pop song I stuff myself with every unfamiliar bit of food, partly out of curiousity, partly trying to compensate for the lack of proper dinner yesterday. The owner comes out to say bye and that her husband found me on the internet. We smile and I promise to send some photos of St Petersburg.

Nothing else to see in Kolobrzeg, so off I go, to explore the roads of Poland.

Getting rather desperate for lunch, so looking out for a place to stop… and eventually there it is, something that looks like a restaurant. Stopping and slowly turning onto a gravelly path and… right foot slips on the gravel and down I go, adding another couple of scratches to the engine cover and breaking the right pannier. Doesn’t look serious but to go all the way with this doesn’t appeal either. But I’ll think about it later… now I’m just tired and hungry. A couple of guys are running towards me from the restaurant, helping me up and inviting me to their table. A big bunch of Danish hunters with a Polish guide who speaks English and Russian. A coffee and a plate with all kinds of cheeses and breads appear in front of me. Danish guys carry on talking Danish, we talk with the guide in Russian… I leave after about half an hour with a slightly dented pride, memories of a good company and full of food.

Do you remember the bad roads I complained about? Now, look at this… Broken bricks, sand pits and stones… I’m very careful with speeds now – after Germans I don’t want to make any more mess out of it but Poles don’t seem to care about speed limits. They probably also think that those lines painted on the road is for entertainment purposes only. I’m slowing down a lot, trying to avoid potholes and drivers. Potholes is another matter. All kinds, shapes and sizes. No point in trying to avoid them, maybe just the biggest ones, just to make sure that the wheels stay attached. Roads look like a blanket that’s been through a shredder and then sown back together by the left hand of a bricklayer. No offense to bricklayers. Poland is getting ready for the UEFA.
Renata. She educates me about everything in and around Gdansk and everything seems to be worth visiting. I change my route, trying to accommodate as much as I can the old town, the docks, the longest council estate, Sopot, Malbork castle… ‘I don’t think I can fit it all in’ I say, ‘What’s the traffic going to be like?’, ‘MIght be quite bad – road works’, ‘It’s ok’, I wave my hand, ‘I can filter, go through’. She smiles ‘People don’t like that’. Thanks Renata, I think I should follow your advice. Her mum is staying there also, a lovely old lady who cuts off ‘Nie rozumiem’ when I try to find out whether she speaks any Russian… But then we do have a bit of a conversation later on with Renata translating.
She has a lovely big house, in the Osowa district. Everything is nicely arranged, her two daughters are playing outside. My room is in the loft, we have lower our heads when we get there, it’s got a red carpet and it’s the kids playground. It’s a been a funny day, not even the sat nav saved the tracks.


Written by Alexey Moskvin

19 May 2011 at 10:10

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